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Carpatree resistance bands5-piece set


Full stock

Made of soft and stretchy latex rubber. Comfortable, durable and easy to use.

Carpatree Resistance Bands are the answer for increasingly demanding reality - now You can do Your strength training not only in the gym, but everywhere! Thanks to five-stage difficulty level they will be proper for both, beginners and advanced. It's a perfect solution if You want to diversyfy or impede tour training on the gym. If You care about proper muscle activation or warm up then resistance wristbands are the answer!

Latex rubber - 100%

Length - 26,5 cm

Width - 5 cm


  • Green: 1-3 kg

  • Blue: 2-5 kg

  • Yellow: 5-10 kg

  • Red: 10-15 kg

  • Black: 15-19 kg

Do not use detergents or hot water. Do not exceed the maximum load.

Products of Carpatree. Usually we ship out in up to 48 hours but sometimes shipping may take 9-21 working days to craft the perfect details. The next day, the product is shipped via the method you choose.


Carpatree Resistance Bands

Carpatree Resistance Bands will upgrade your training to a whole other level - thanks to five resistance levels it is possible to constantly develop, both for beginners and for advanced. Firm and resistant latex rubber ensures product durability, and specially designed bag will simplyfy storage, without risk of losing.


Firm and non-squeezing latex rubber.


From very light to very strong.


Colours corresponding with resistance of bands.


Bag with logo, that will simplyfy storage.


Matt effect - does not cause abrasions and burns.

  • Perfect for home and gym workout

  • Firm, and durable latex rubber

  • Elastic, non-squeezing seams

  • Optimum circuit

  • Moisture resistance

  • Easy to wash

  • Medical product

  • Five resistance levels

  • Storage bag included

  • Designed in Poland

  • Made in China

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  • Monika
      February 5, 2024


      Purchase confirmed
    • Klaudia
        March 31, 2021

        Gumy świetne, mocne, jedynie guma o najsłabszym oporze się roluje. Poza tym wszystko na plus :)

        Purchase confirmed
      • KlaudiaPolska
          May 27, 2020

          Polecam!Natychmiastostowa wysyłka :)

          Purchase confirmed
        • Paulina
            May 13, 2020

            Polecamnajlepsze gumy jakie miałam + woreczek bardzo przydatny bo nic się nie gubi. Daję 4,5 za to, że przychodzą zapakowane w dodatkową folię, która wcale nie jest konieczna. Co do samych gum ekstra

          • Małgosia
              October 27, 2019

              świetne wykonanie, ekspresowa wysyłkapolecam!

              Purchase confirmed
            • mańka
                October 4, 2019

                na to czekałam!! zamówione <3

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