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Our story

Carpatree is a fresh Polish brand, founded by the foot of Carpathian Mountains. We love to break the limits as our customers do. Our products are made for people who stay active because nowadays both professionals and amateurs need professional apparel for an intensive and exhausting workout. The essential part of our brand's development are people and that is why Carpatree team was formed from sport lovers. Together we are here to meet the highest available quality sportswear. We re here to meet the expectations of our customers and business partners.

Our goal is to create clothes that will keep our customers returning for, because they will meet all their expectations in at least 100%. Each week we test new solutions to improve our products. We're constantly developing, because athlethes' satisfaction is major for us. We support all our active and passionate clients, and they share the joy of pushing their limits and achieving new goals with us. It doesn't matter whether they're professionals or amateurs who decided to change their way of life but still seek motivation and acceptance for their sacrifice. We would like to push them further on all the challenges they face.

In addition to the great technical features Carpatree's motto is the color. Intense, non-fading, adding energy when we feel that we are reaching the limits of our physical capabilities. The use of sublimation printing combined with specialized knitwear resulted in a unique offer of high quality prints. The print colors are clear and don't lose their intensity. Dynamic, energetic designs give you the opportunity to express yourself in hundreds of ways. We know that each customer has different taste or favorite colors. The wide range of prints, however, allows us to meet their expectations, giving them the freedom to combine and match products until they create a perfect set for themselves.

Our desire to offer our customers only what's best, has pushed us further in the search of new quality. This searching resulted in the fact, that we produce our garment using very specialized materials that make every training more effective and comfortable. Aeradry, used mostly in Sports Shorts, Tank-Tops and T-Shirts, despite its lightness and delicacy, has also a high level of breathability and efficiency in draining moisture. Enduraflex, used for Leggings and Rashguards, allows the maximum fit to body while ensuring the highest comfort of use. The elastic, delicate structure of the material minimizes discomfort and provides excellent moisture transfer, while dense weave makes Enduraflex no see-through even in deepest squats. Thick, rich Resistherm's structure allows you to maintain your body's thermal balance in both higher and lower temperatures. Soft, stretchy knitwear's structure allows you to carry out intense workouts in even the harshest conditions. One of the most important things while exercising is to feel 100% comfortable during them and that's exactly why we are here for. We test all of our cuts with the help of athletes. The highest expectations for sportswear are the point that formally doesn'tt exist for us - we are still trying to offer more, further, better. We push our goals further, just like athletes do.

We are constantly learning, developing and observing our surrounding. We do our best to meet the expectations of our customers and offer them best quality and visually attractive products. That's how Carpatree came to life. With the growing popularity of healthy lifestyle and physical activity, we decided to answer the market's demant and set up our own line of activewear. But why activewear couldn't be as trendy as healthy lifestyle? Navy blue shorts and white T-Shirts are definitely unfashionable since quite a long time. Such garment, however, requires huge knowledge and proper technology. Our research within specialized materials, technical solutions and sport cuts tests took us several months. These were few months of persistent work that resulted in Carpatree. Boring, depressing clothes, thanks to our immense experience in the field of knitwear and garment production, have been replaced with interesting, comfortable designs and a wide range of colorful prints. Carpatree products have been developed to meet the highest expectations of our customers. We've created a new, dedicated sportswear department of our production facility equipped with modern machines dedicated strictly to activewear. There's no coincidence in Carpatree even when it comes to its name the acronym of words Carpathian and tree. Our brand was created at the foot of the Carpathians, while the tree is a symbol of growth, strength and endurance. It also features our customers.