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  • 30 Days Returns Policy

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  • Responsible production


Corporate social responsibility is not a requirement - it’s a sensible and firm choice. It’s a way of showing gratitude to the local area, and proving the authentic care of the influence, that everyone has, on the environment. At Carpatree no one has any doubt, that those are the rules that we stand for.

Our customers, employees, business partners, are equally important to us. We are aware, that either side is inseparable and irreplaceable part of the Carpatree. Esteem and understanding is our base.

We are proud, that Carpatree is a brand created in Poland, in the middle of Europe, in the capital of new quality. We don’t want to forget about that, even though, thanks to our clients, we quickly become a global brand, we are still focused on responsible production, making the vast majority of our products in Poland.



Employees, clients, ambassadors, business partners - jointly we work out the goals, that we seek to achieve, and that we commonly identify. Care of mutual welfare, trust and support - this is our goal, equally important, as helping the local community. The pillar of our brand are the people. People, that made it possible, to everyday set a new, even more ambitious goals. Thanks to our workers, clients, ambassadors, we can develop ourselves. It’s not just a collaboration - it’s an agreement of people, that has the same passion in their lives, and a certainty, that they want to fulfill it.



Responsible production is our key to success. We cannot imagine saving on quality or the design. All of our clothes are designed in the office in Bielsko-Biała, from where, carefully selected, they are transferred to our clothes construction office, and then, to the sewing rooms. We’ve created something, that allows us to constantly identify with our roots. This is where everything began, this is where, first of all, we invest in the growth of our technology, and the vast majority of our production is being realized here, in our workshops in Bielsko-Biała. We do not accept unfair economic conditions. We provide our workers decent conditions and we care about their constant growth. Without them, we wouldn't achieve anything.



Communication has multiple meanings to us - it’s listening to the mutual needs, it’s the ability to work out compromises, it’s the open attitude to the new projects. In Carpatree, from the beginning, we were aware, that we are creating something unique, we knew, that we want to show so far unheard of quality - that’s why trust is a base of communication for us. We know that conversation, honesty, and fair conditions are something, that we don’t work without,. And we won’t. Our communication is based on full openness, honesty, trust and culture. The same values are implemented to our company. We belive, that efficient communication is a guarantee of better work and constant development.



In this matter, we do not accept any compromises. Nature, earth - it’s something, that a brand born at the foot of Carpathians has to respect - almost automatically. In the manufacturing process we use certified components, most of our packages are fully bio compostable. We are also experimenting with recycled materials. Out of concern of the nature, our main factory is powered mostly by renewable energy. Environment, in which we live together, is very important to us, and we know, that we will have this attitude always.

Dedicated, responsible, reliable - that’s who we are, that’s how Capatree is.
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