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All training accessories that you need, now in one place! Shakers, caps, wristbands. mats, gloves and much more - all perefect for home and gym workout.

Sports accessories

In Carpatree we make every effort, that our accessories will enable you training in every place on the planet. Home exercises, gym workout, running, yoga - our training equipment is perfect for every activity. Thanks to our products you can do every type of workout, from cardio, through calming relaxing sessions, to strength training. You are not limited to by working out in closed rooms, you can also do an outdoor workout. Jumping rope, yoga and fitness mat, rollers, resistance bands, mini-bands, towels or shakers - you can find it all in Carpatree.

For who are Carpatree accessories for?

Training accessories from Carpatree, are intended for people, that wants to diversify their gym training. They are designed also for those, who wants to sculpt their silhouette, strengthen their muscles and get rid of fat, by home training. Active people will surely appreciate also rollers, yoga mats, or massager gun, that helps to relax tightened muscle structures and calm after workout. If you seek for products for athletes and active people, in Carpatree you will find everything, that you need, to look good and lead a healthy lifestyle.

How to choose perfect training equipment?

Regardless if you are a beginner or if you are advanced in training, and you have a great experience, you will surely find the best training equipment for yourself. Mini-bands are perfect for strength training, and people after injuries will find use with rehabilitation Flat bands. Also training neck-warmers and medical masks will help you to train outside, without worrying about your health. After training on fitness mat or yoga mat, you can use our bath towel, or smaller microfibre towel, which is a perfect towel for gym. In our shakers and bottles you can whey protein shake, pre-workout drink or just water.

Training accessories - advantages

There are many advantages of training equipment, but one of the most important is a possibility of using them whenever and wherever you want. Best quality materials, that makes the accessories even more efficient and perfect for multiple use. Accessories can be used by athletes, advanced and beginners. Training mats are resistant to frictions and sliping. Shakers and bottles are reusable, because they are not soaking through with smells or tastes. Fitness towels are fully absorbing water and doesn’t become heavy. All of those things, are making sports equipment for home workout, from Carpatree, perfect for you.

How to choose sports equipment in Carpatree?

Among our products you will surely find accessories, that will fulfill your needs. Maybe you liked our rollers and massager gun, that will relax your muscles after strength training or yoga blocks in expressive, modern colors. If you already choose your fitness accessories, now you just need to add them to cart. If there are multiple products in your basket, then you will also see every price separately. Now you just need to finish a purchasing process and wait for the Carpatree package. We will make sure that you get your order as soon, as possible!

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