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  • Seamless Yasmine top

Yasmine Seamless Long Sleeve TopBlack Stone Wash


Elastic Top with long sleeves and stone wash effect! Longsleeve Yasmine will find its use wherever you need strong support during physical activity. Durable material perfectly fits to your body and doesn’t move during workout. We’ve placed an additional thumbholes on the sleeves and under the bust you’ll find a specialistic elastic cuff which prevents top from moving.

Choose comfort in seamless form! Yasmine top is a unique composition of marble print, durable material and stylish construction! Thanks to the yarn that we used our longsleeve is exceptionally elastic, making your workout a lot more comfortable. Rounded neckline, elastic cuffs and proper profiling under the bust will accentuate your silhouette, while the thumbholes will give you the opportunity to exercise on your own terms.

Nice to touch and durable composition of polyamide (92%) and spandex (8%)

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

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Yasmine collectionstone wash effectlongsleeve topcrop top

Yasmine Seamless Longsleeve

Sports style has many names! Yasmine top proves that longsleeve doesn't have to have build-up, stiff form. It is a suitable product for those who like to emphasize their silhouette! Delicate rounded neckline has been tailored to make you feel comfortable during your workout. We've placed useful thumbholes in the sleeves, and specialized elastic cuffs below. Everything for your comfort!!

Black Seamless Yasmine Top black seamless longsleeve top with stone wash effect black seamless top with thumbholes


Thanks to specialistic technology, used in the production of material, it doesn't constrain your moves, and guarantees maximum level of tensile strength. It also doesn't cause any abrasions on the skin, even during the hardest workouts.


Nice to touch knitwear has a unique, dense weave, so you don't have to worry, that during traing something will be visible!


Long sleeves and tank-top cut has it's own place at the gym. This cut perfectly emphasize silhouette and guarantees comfort during workout!


Yasmine longsleeve is all about elasticity, elasticity and once again elasticity that does not contradict with emphasizeing your silhouette!


Seamless construction provides maximum comfort while wearing.


Specialized elastic cuffs on the sleeves and under the bust prevent the top from moving during training! The key here is to choose the right size.


Yasmine collection also includes leggings! Thanks to this, you will be able to create a full, expressive look.


Guarantees support and safety during workout while emphasizing the details of the silhouette.


It prevents see-throughness and helps to maintain the right body temperature.


  • Made for home and gym workouts

  • Made of strong, durable material

  • Fast drying and breathable

  • Body-shaping cut

  • Comfortable material

  • Stabilizing cut

  • Fancy cut

  • Designed in Poland, made in China.

  • Material – 92% polyamide, 8% spandex

  • Machine wash safe

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  • AniaPolska
      September 16, 2023

      Super 😍

      Purchase confirmed
    • AleksandraPolska
        September 11, 2023

        Super 😍

        Purchase confirmed
      • Angelika
          August 4, 2023

          SuperTop piękny, daje 4 gwiazdki jedynie dlatego że rozmiarówka lekko zawyżona - wszystkie topy z carpatree mam w rozmiarze S, ten niestety na mnie za duży i musze zamówić mniejszy. Poza tym wszystko super

          Purchase confirmed
        • PaulaPolska
            June 3, 2023


            Purchase confirmed
          • Krystyna
              December 1, 2022

              Przyjemny materiał, komfortowy w noszeniu.

            • Emilka
                November 28, 2022

                woww......zakochałam się w ten print, niby klasyczne ale mają to "coś"

              • ZuzannaDęblin, Polska
                  November 28, 2022

                  Piękny i wygodny top, print ledwo widocznyTop jest wykonany z grubego, wytrzymałego materiału, prezentuje się pięknie, choć widoczne na zdjęciach plamki typu moro nie są obecne na żywo na materiale, kolor jest jednolity-ciemnoszary.

                • Kinga
                    November 27, 2022

                    Piękny i przyjemny top :)

                  • Marysia
                      November 22, 2022

                      Super bardzo elastyczny, rozciągliwy i wygodny. No i zakochałam się w ten efekt stone wash :)

                    • KasiaKraków, Polska
                        November 22, 2022

                        Polecam ❤️

                      • ElżbietaBielsko-Biała, Polska
                          November 22, 2022

                          SpoczkoŁadnie się prezentuje, ale dla mnie ściągacz na rękawie jest trochę za mocny i przez to niewygodny żeby nosić na dłoniach przez dłuższy czas. Materiał jest gruby, jakby dżinsowy. Raczej będę zakładać podczas jakiejś aktywności na zewnątrz a nie na siłkę

                        • Ania
                            November 19, 2022

                            Sztossss, polecam! Od dziś to moj ulubiony longsleeve

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