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  • Women's Sporty Black Slit Longsleeve

Slit LongsleeveBlack


Slit Longsleeve is not just a regular t-shirt - even if you might thought that at first. Thanks to the slits at the sides it is more breathable than other longsleeves. They also have a decorative function! O-shaped neck is not only stylish, but also comfortable, and long sleeves allow you to train even when it's chilly.

You love shortsleeve t-shirts, but sometimes you want to wear something else? Something that you can feel comfortable mentally and physically? We all have that sometimes. No worries - Slit Longsleeve T-shirt is made especially for those days. Home workout, gym workout, going to the mall - you can do it all in this Longsleeve.

Sensuous and strong fabric composed of soft viscoze (94%) and elastane (6%).

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

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slit longsleeveblack longsleevebreathable longsleeveo-shaped neck longsleevecomfortable longsleeve

Slit Longsleeve T-shirt

Slit Longsleeve is a perfect shirt for workouts in every condition! Thanks to the long sleeves it's perfect during chilly days - slits at the sides are adding an extra stylish vibe. Combination of viscoze and elastane is giving you full comfort during everyday activity and hard workouts!


Specialized seams are stretching without constraining your moves. Seams don't squeeze on the skin and don't scratch the body even with the greatest effort.


Long sleeves makes you feel warmer when it's chilly, but doesn't cause overheating thanks to breathable material.


The delicate knit has a unique, dense weave, so no one can see-through even in movement.


Highly breathable viscoze and elastane are combined to transfer sweat to the outer parts of fabric, preventing you from overheating.


The unique cut highlights the silhouette. Slits at the sides are making seemingly basic t-shirt something with modern vibes.

  • Soft and fine high quality knit

  • Light and breathable material

  • Flexible, non-squeezing seams

  • Comfortable sleeves

  • Not too tight, not too loose wide

  • Slits at the sides

  • Composition 94% viscoze, 6% elastane

  • Mashine wash safe

  • Designed and made in European Union (Poland)

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