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Microfiber towelGrey

Microfiber Towel

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Best sports towel you could ever imagine. Test its properties in different conditions, and try different colors!

Microfiber towels are the most comfortable solution for gym/fitness room trainers. Their light weight allows you to carry them with you anywhere, and their high absorbency means you can use them both to wipe down your equipment after an intense workout and your body after a quick shower.

Fast drying mix of polyester and poliamid.

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

Products of Carpatree. Usually it takes 48 hours to dispatch your order. However some products are made to order especially for you, so it may take up to 21 days, to make sure everything is perfect. The next day, your order is shipped via the method you choose.

gym towelabsorbent towelgrey microfiber towel

Large Microfiber Towel

Are you packing your gym bag? Don't forget your towel! Now available in the highest quality and stylish colors! Carpatree towels are made of microfiber, making them very lightweight and even more delicate. Despite not taking up much space, they are capable of absorbing an amount of water four times their weight! Carpatree takes care of you always and everywhere.

blue microfiber towel set of microfiber towels black microfiber towel


Takes up little space while providing excellent fluid absorption.


Not too small, not too large: 50x100 cm.


From black, through green, to electrifying pink - you'll surely find something for yourself!


Despite its dimensions, the towel remains lightweight and comfortable to carry.


The towel not only absorbs well but is also easy to wring out.


Provide comfort during use and positively influence the product's appearance.


Show that you belong to the #carpatreeteam!


  • Super soft, high-quality microfiber

  • Made from a strong, durable material

  • Quick-drying and breathable

  • Efficient moisture-wicking

  • Lightweight

  • Designed in Poland

  • Produced in Poland

  • Modern colors

  • Material - 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

  • Machine wash safe

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