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Power BandsSet of 4


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You are training at home and you need bands with high level of intensity? We have what you are looking for! Power Bands, thanks to their length (208 cm), can be used during main workout, but also during warm-up or during learing of chin-ups! If you want to build your own, home gym, then this power bands are a must-have! Thanks to the small size and a special storage bag you can take the bands everywhere with you!

Resistance Power Bands are designed for every kind of workout, even though they are the best for strength trainings and rehabilitation. They are perfect for both - upper and lower body workouts. Shouldera, chest, bottoms or legs sets - now you can do your whole training without leaving your house! If you are just learining how to do the chin ups, then this bands are irreplacable! Choose the level of resistance, that is the best for your current abilities!

Latex rubber - 100%

Length - 208 cm

Thickness - 0,45 cm


  • Light: 6-10kg, 1,3 cm

  • Medium: 12-17kg, 2,2 cm

  • Strong: 17-26kg, 3,2 cm

  • Super Strong: 26-36kg, 4,5 cm

Do not use detergents or hot water. Do not exceed the maximum load.

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Resistance Power Bands

Power Bands can be used in many different ways - during strength workout, stretching or even during rehabilitation. Durable, latex material is highly resistant, even during intensive use, and four different levels of resistance (every level has its own color) allow you to train your whole body with the proper intensity. Buy power band with ULTRA HEAVY, HEAVY, MEDIUM or LIGHT resistance.

orange power bands purple power bands storage bag for power bands


Latex material is not only really durable, but also safe for the skin.


From really light to very strong - choose what's best for you.


Use it as needed - you can also use it during learning some exercices, like chin ups.


Train at home, gym, on the outside or take bands with you on a vacation - now your mini-gym is always with you!


Bands doesn't cause any abrasions or skin irritations.


Exercise bands are strengthening your muscles and helping you to shape your silhouette! They can also be used during rehabilitation.


  • Perfect for workout in every condition

  • Latex material

  • Easy to clean

  • Light and waterproof

  • Four levels of resistance

  • Colors matching the intensity

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Carpatree Logo

  • Designed in Poland

  • Made in China

  • Length: 208 cm

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