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  • black Aspen cardigan
The model is 174 cm tall and wears size S.

Aspen Resistherm zipper jacketBlack


Aspen insulated sweatshirt with zipper is the perfect choice for cold weather. The elongated neckline with a delicate stand-up collar and the right length prevent heat loss, and the corset cuts and minimalist trim adequately emphasize the feminine silhouette. The sweatshirt is ideal as a second layer of clothing - the absence of a hood and cuffs will make you feel comfortable under the jacket, because nothing will slide, crumple or stand out. Thanks to the use of ResisTherm technology, the sweatshirt regulates body temperature properly so that you feel enveloped, without overheating.

The Aspen insulated zipper jacket is a harmony of comfort, minimalist design and protection against the cold! Corset cuts, an open cut, no hood, the right length and a colour-coordinated logo make the sweatshirt not only stylish but also very comfortable. The warming layer and the ResisTherm technology used will take care of the right body temperature and ventilation. On warmer days, it can be used as an outer garment, while on frosty days it fits perfectly under a jacket! Discover how walking and outdoor activities can become even more enjoyable than before!

Pleasant to touch and really durable mix of polyester (92%) and elastane (8%)

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

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Aspen Resistherm zipper jacket

The Aspen jacket is one of those things that you definitely want to have in your wardrobe! We designed it to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Its greatest advantage is the minimalist and elegant finish, which adds coherence to the entire styling. It is very feminine and beautifully complements the silhouette. It doesn't have a typical sporty design, so you can wear it for everyday styling as well. Finished with a delicate stand-up collar at the neck, providing protection against wind and excessive heat loss. The insulated material is pleasant to the skin, and once you put it on, you'll understand how comfortable and cozy outdoor activity can be!

black Aspen sweatshirt Black sports sweatshirt black women's longsleeve


The sweatshirt gently fits the silhouette, emphasizing feminine shapes, and you feel comfortable. It doesn't have cuffs or a hood, making it look stylish.


Light, pleasant structure allows your skin to breathe, offering a delicate, natural touch.


Thanks to the appropriate technology, the sweatshirt maintains optimal body temperature, preserving lightness, making it comfortable to wear under a jacket.


Raglan sleeves beautifully blend with corset-like, slimming seams, giving the sweatshirt harmony in its finish!


The delicate stand-up collar provides additional protection against wind, cold, and heat loss.


Specialized, flat seams do not restrict movement and provide maximum resistance to stretching. They do not leave marks on the skin and do not rub the body even during the most intense effort.


Black logo and simple cut make the sweatshirt perfect for both sports and everyday styling.


Covers all critical points exposed to low temperatures.


Freedom of movement, breathability, and minimalist design. In slightly warmer days, it can be worn as a standalone layer, in colder ones - as a middle layer. It is comfortable to wear under a jacket.


  • Perfect sweatshirt for strength and running training

  • Friendly to the skin, well-fitting high-quality fabric

  • ResisTherm Technology

  • Insulated

  • Comfortable length

  • Also perfect for everyday styling

  • Black logo, minimalist design

  • Material - polyester 92%, elastane 8%

  • Machine washable

  • Designed in Poland

  • Made in Poland (Bielsko-Biała)

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