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Sport bras

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Get yourself some extra support for a workout and everyday activities. Full protection ensured by the greatest quality.

Sports Bras

Every Sports Bra from Carpatree is designed especially for active women. If you are searching for underwear, that will guarantee you comfort on the gym, but also would be perfect for everyday activities, you will surely be interested in our offer. In the presented collection you will find classic sports models in basic style, and also models with decorative prints. Knowing, how important is the quality of clothing, especially to the women, we made sure, that our sports bras will meet the requirements of the most demanding of them. Breathable material, interesting design and comfort - join the group of satisfied clients, that loved our bras for that!

Who is the Sports Bra for?

If sport is your passion, you love morning jogging or just looking for a comfortable alternative for a classic bra, then our bras are made especially for you! Sports Bra is a proposition for every woman, that wants to feel comfortable and pretty in their underwear. For whom sports underwear is not only an obligatory element of a gym outfit, but also a way to emphasize your own style and personality. Every presented product is also a perfect bra for everyday use. You can wear it under comfy t-shirt or jumper, and go for a walk or shopping. Sports Bra can be worn also as a crop top, so its a perfect alternative for warmer days.

How to choose a Sports Bra?

To produce Sports Bras from Carpatree, we used the highest quality materials, that has a perfect stretching properties. This makes each bra fits perfectly to the figure, regardless of the size you wear every day. The size chart, placed on the right side of the photo, will surely help you in choosing the right bra.

Adwantages of Sports Bras

Product, presented in this category, are ensuring the highest comfort of use. Even though those are bras with stitches, they doesn't cause skin irritation or abrasions. It makes every single bra the best option for running or gym training. Our bras have been sewn with highly breathable material, that quickly transfers sweat to the outer parts of the fabric, even during intensive workouts. Another advantage is specialistic cut. Every bra has a high level of support, which means it stabilizes the bust properly. Sports Bra with pads has a body shaping cut, that highlights the beauty of women body. Another advantages of our bras are vivid colors, that doesn't fade, even after multiple washing.

How to order Sports Bras?

If you already choose your toughen Sports Bra it is time to place an order. To do this, you need to select a proper size, and add bra to the card. In the card you will see the total value of your order. Now you just need to finalize the ordering process, to enjoy the new sports bra in just a few days. We hope, that in our bra, gym trainings will be even more enjoyable!

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