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High waist leggings

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Ensure comfort to yourself during training and create inimitable look. High waist will highlight your best features and cover up imperfections.

Highwaist leggings

In Carpatree we want to create an assortment, that is liked by every women. We offer fitness leggings with high waist in different coloristic versions, plain models and with prints, and with fashionable ornaments like mesh or transverse stripes. Beyond unique design, you will surely appreciate functionality of leggings. Breathable material, dense fabric, and flat seems - this details will make your training even more effective. Check out our leggings with high waist and choose model, that will make you feel pretty and confident.

Who are the highwaist leggings for?

Leggings with higher waist are the proposition for women, that values physical activity in their life. If you train regularly on the gym, exercise fitness or choose outside sport, you will surely appreciate sports clothing, that perfectly lays on the silhouette, and doesn't constrain your moves. This is an accurate description of Carpatree leggings. Remember, that high waist has a body-shaping properties, so if you are just beggining your sports adventure, and you want to hide some imperfections, this cattegory of products is made especially for you!

How to choose sports highwaist leggings?

Regardless of what type of figure you have, every woman looks good in highwaist leggings, so choosing the model is especially easy, because you just need to decide on the color or print. If you admire classic solutions, choose black classic highwaist leggings, that looks good with black and colorful t-shirts. You are following the latest trends? You surely know, that one of the latest hits are red highwaist leggings and grey highwaist leggings. We are also more than sure, that you will love our mesh models - choose this model if you want to add a little bit of sexiness to the outfit.

Training highwaist leggings - advantages

One of the main advantages of the presented leggings is the length of its waist. High waist perfectly shapes the silhouette, and makes your belly even more slim, and muscles are strikingly highlighted. Next advantage is material, that effectively transfers humidity to the outer parts of fabric, even during the most intensive workouts. We took care about the quality of color - it doesn't loose color, even after lots of washings. Perfect level of material pigmentation results that every our product looks as on the day of the purchase, even after long period of usage.

How to order Carpatree highwaist leggings?

Among our leggings you will surely find a model, that will catch your eye, or in which you will appreciate the way of ornamenting the legs or waist. After you choose leggings, that you already see yourself in the gym, you just need to pick your size and add it to the cart. If you are making a bigger order, in the cart you will see the prices of every item. End the purchasing process and wait for Carpatree package!

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