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  • Pravidla pro vrácení do 100 dnů

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  • Blue Cropped Longsleeve 1

Tričko s dlouhým rukávem CroppedModré

19,49 US$38,99 US$

Tričko s dlouhým rukávem Cropped bylo navrženo zejména pro ženy, které milují funkční a módní střih. Originání tvar zdůrazní vaši siluetu a dá vám sportovní, moderní look.

The Carpatree Cropped Longsleeve is made of lightweight, breathable material to prevent overheating during your trainings and competitions. It's made to let you feel like you have a second skin. The cut is designed to emphasize your physique. If you want to feel feminine and strong in the same time - it's a perfect choice.

Sensuous and strong fabric composed of quick-drying and breathable polyester (92%) and elastane (8%).

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

Products of Carpatree. Usually it takes 48 hours to dispatch your order. However some products are made to order especially for you, so it may take up to 21 days, to make sure everything is perfect. The next day, your order is shipped via the method you choose.


Cropped Longsleeve

Cropped Longsleeve is a must-have for every gym member - both fo women and men. To make you feel special we added some modern look to our longsleeves; now you can finally show your abs in this Cropped Longsleeve! Delicate, feminine colors are combined with silhouette highlighting look.


Flat, specialized seams are stretching without constraining your moves. Seams don't squeezed on skin and don't scratch the body even with the greatest effort.


Optimal sleeves and neck allow full body movement. The unique cut highlights the silhouette.


Intense, non-fading colors and high resistance knit.


Nothing constrain your moves.


Silhouette highlighting cut for better look.

  • Soft and fine high quality knit

  • Fast-drying and highly breathable material

  • Flexible, non-squeezing seams

  • Comfortable structure

  • Modern, cropped look

  • Silhouette highlighting cut

  • Material: polyester 92%, elastane 8%

  • Mashine wash safe

  • Produced in European Union (Poland)

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