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  • Pravidla pro vrácení do 30 dnů

  • Poštovné zdarma nad 2000 Kč

  • Zodpovědná výroba

  • Massage Gun 2

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Carpatree Masažní pistole je vysoce specializovaný sportovní doplněk, který mohou používat i lidé, kteří cvičí rekreačně

Massage Gun is for you, if you need something to loosen the tension in your mescles and structures. Hard training sessions, lots of stress, sitting for couple of hours in one possition - all of it affects your present or future comfort. You don't have to be a proffessional athlete to use this proffessional equipment! Three levels of vibration frequency, four different ends, storage bag and rechargeable battery, and all of this in compact size! Be ready for every situation!

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Carpatree Massage Gun

Carpatree Massage Gun is a highly specialized sports accessory, that can also be used by people that exercise recreationally. If your muscles are tired and tense you surely need this massage gun, but if you don't feel any of this, then massage gun will help you prevent that kind of pain, in the future.


Four different ends, to enable massage of many different muscles and structures.


3 levels of vibration frequency (30 Hz, 40 Hz, 53 Hz)


You can take it in the bag, everywhere you go - massage gun weights only 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)


The included battery is rechargeable and removable - on one charging you can use the gun for 2+ hours (depends, which speed level you choose)


Use slightly damp towel to clean the massage gun, and dry with cloth or another towel.

  • Easy to use (on/off button)

  • Loosens tense structures

  • Compact size

  • Removable battery

  • Easy to wash

  • Includes AC charger

  • Storage bag included

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