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  • Pink Ombre Minibands, set of 5

Ombre MinibandsSet of 5


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Feminine, delicate, pink - just perfect Ombre mini-bands! Mini-bands are the best choice, if you want to spice up your workout, make it harder or stimulate your muscles with some new type of exercise. Every band has a mark with the level of intensity, so you can always follow your progress. Color gradient, from delicate pink to purple make the bands not only functional, but also make them look pretty. Everything is packed in nice, black storage bag.

Loop Resistance Bands are designed for women , that appreciate not only the usability, but also the design of sports accessories.

Bands are light and compact, so you can take them everywhere, and perform your gym, outside or vacation workout. Colors are matched with level of resistance, so you have no troubles with distinguishing them, and light pink shades are perfect for active women.

Latex rubber - 100%

Length - 26,5 cm

Width - 5 cm


  • Extra Light: 1-3 kg, 0,35 mm

  • Light: 2-5 kg, 0,50 mm

  • Medium: 5-10 kg, 0,70 mm

  • Strong: 10-15 kg, 0,90 mm

  • Super Strong: 15-19 kg, 1,1 mm

Do not use detergents or hot water. Do not exceed the maximum load.

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Ombre Minibands

Lots of women dream abour their own, home gym - well, now it's possible! Loop bands are designed for women, that wants to sculpt their glutes, strengthen their shoulders, or build their overall performance. Pink color is more intense in the bands with higher resistance!

pink ombre minibands resistance bands pink light resistance band


5 Different levels of resistance guarantees you constant progress.


Color, that corresponds with bands resistance, and is also really feminine.


Train at home, gym, on the outside or take bands with you on a vacation - now your mini-gym is always with you!


Bands doesn't cause any abrasions or skin irritations, so you can always use them during workouts.


Exercise bands are strengthening your muscles and helps you to shape your silhouette!


  • Perfect for workout in every condition

  • Latex material

  • Easy to clean

  • Light and waterproof

  • Five levels of resistance

  • Delicate, pink colors

  • Engaging all your muscles

  • Carpatree Logo

  • Designed in Poland

  • Made in China

  • Optimal circuit

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  • KatarzynaŁódź
      May 10, 2023

      Urocze i funkcjonalnePięć „mocy” pozwala na dywersyfikację treningu, a zestawienie kolorystyczne cieszy oczy

      Purchase confirmed
    • Aga
        October 18, 2022

        Spełniają swoją funkcję

      • Ola
          October 17, 2022

          Super polecam wszystkim

        • Ola
            October 17, 2022

            Super polecam wszystkim

          • JoannaToruń
              July 11, 2021

              Uwielbiam je!!!! Nie dość, że "moc" jest oznaczona, to jeszcze mają woreczek i dodatkowo są takie dziewczęce <3 Wytrzymałe, nie rozrywają się

            • АллаЛьвів
                July 2, 2021

                Супер якість!

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