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  • Pravidla pro vrácení do 30 dnů

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Gumička CarpatreeČerná

9,99 US$

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Gumička Carpatree je jedním z doplňků, který vám usnadní váš den. Můžete si svázat vlasy, když je venku horko, když začnete trénovat, nebo když chcete vypadat jinak než vždy.

Lots of women likes to have their hair loose - but there are situations, when you just have to tie them. We know how important it is to look good, so we designed a scrunchie, that is fashinable and useful. The main advantage (beside the look) is that this scrunchie lifts up your hair and gives you a "high bun", that doesn't need to be redoed all the time.

Sensuous and strong fabric composed of quick-drying and breathable cotton (92%) and elastane (8%)

✔Machine wash cold gentle

✔Do not bleach

✔Lay flat to dry

✔Do not iron

✔Do not dry clean

Products of Carpatree. Usually it takes 48 hours to dispatch your order. However some products are made to order especially for you, so it may take up to 21 days, to make sure everything is perfect. The next day, your order is shipped via the method you choose.

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Carpatree Scrunchie

Carpatree Scrunchie is an accessory, that makes your day easier. You can tie your hair while it's warm outside, when you begin your training or when you just want a new look. Many different scrunchie colors for many different moods and days!


Scrunchie doesn't pull your hair out.


The most fashionable design of this season.


Show that you belong to the Carpatree family.


Makes you look delicate and girly.


Once you tie it, you doesn't have to redo it.

  • Perfect support

  • Modern colors

  • Easy to wash

  • Fashionable cut

  • Logo

  • Durability

  • Made of cotton (92%) and elastane (8%)

  • Produced in European Union (Poland)

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